2019-2020 Leaders

Faye Kollig (she/her)

Year: Sophomore

Major: Media and Information

Hometown: Midland, MI

Fun Fact About Me: I have seen Taylor Swift live three times and twenty-one pilots live twice (my two favorite bands!)

Favorite Quote: "Life is too short not to have really exciting hair" - JennaMarbles

I joined SSN because I was struggling with the transition from high school to college and needed to vent and make real connections with people, and I stayed because I did make real friends who would listen to me without judging me and it felt really good.

Abbey Graham (she/her/they/them)

Year: Senior

Major: Social Work

Hometown: Petoskey, MI

Fun Fact About Me: I taught my cat to "high five" over the summer. (Yes, I have the video to prove it!) 

Favorite Quote: "You're going to wear the shirt of the band you're going to go see? Don't be that guy." -- From the movie "PCU"

I joined SSN because I was feeling disconnected to the people around me and life in general, I started looking for a group to join that let me interact with others in a meaningful way. An email from the Spartan Support Network came at just the right time! Being a member and now a leader has helped me to feel less isolated in my experiences and I hope I can possibly help someone else navigate their journey through college. 

Christian DeMoss (he/him)

Major: Political Science
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Mason, MI
Fun Fact About Me: I've recently gotten into mini painting and really enjoy it!
Favorite quote: "Maybe it'd stop you trying to be so desperate about making more money than you can ever use? You can't take it with you, Mr. Kirby. So what good is it? As near as I can see, the only thing you can take with you is the love of your friends." - Grandpa Vanderhoff from the play "You Can't Take It With You"

I joined SSN to connect with people and make some friends.

Audrey Yoo (she/her)

Major: Human Biology

Year: Junior

Hometown: Okemos

Fun fact About Me: Some people collect stamps; I collect quotes

Favorite quote: “Until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to mankind, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words: wait and hope.” - The Count of Monte Cristo

I joined SSN because I believe that mental health stigma is a real and serious problem. I hope for a future when mental health can be spoken of as openly as physical health.

Sarah Gesik (she/her)

Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

Hometown: Grand Rapids

Fun Fact About Me:I have been playing the trumpet for 10 years!

Favorite Quote: "The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared." - The Giver

As a freshman with social anxiety I had a hard time making friends, so I joined to meet new people who understand the struggle with anxiety, and now as a leader, I want to help other students feel more comfortable on campus!

Mawsoof Ali (he/him)

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology, 

Hometown: Zionsville, IN

Fun Fact About Me: I won a PS4 from Taco Bell in high school

Favorite Quote: "That's why I called my thing 'The Marathon.' 'Cause I, I'm not gonna lie and portray this ultimate poise like I been had it figured out. Nah, I just didn't quit... I ain't quit. I went through every emotion. I went through every emotion with tryna pursue what I'm doing." - Nipsey Hussle

I joined SSN because of my experience with mental illness. I wanted to find support and give others support as well. I wanted a network of genuine people I could relate to, and I found exactly that in SSN.

Caitlin Hiller (she/her)

Major: Psychology Major

Year: Sophomore


Fun Fact About Me:

Favorite Quote: "Going through things you never thought you'd go through will only take you places you never thought you'd get to." - Morgan Harper Nichols

I joined Spartan Support Network because I thought it was a great way to connect people on campus who would otherwise never meet. Also, it's a great outlet to express the stressful and unique experiences throughout college!

Lydia Barron (she/they)

Year: Senior

Major: English Literature with a minor in LGBTQ studies, 

Hometown: Royal Oak, MI 

Fun Fact:  I love creative writing, I write plays and poetry.

Favorite Quote: "Do all things with love!" 

I joined SSN because I was interested in connecting with more people who struggle with mental health (at the time SSN was more mental health focused). Joining SSN allowed me to make more friends on campus and find healthy ways to cope with my emotions.

Travis Ambrosio

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Year: Senior

Hometown: Kalamazoo

Fun Fact About Me: I ran a $100k business

Favorite Quote: "Cogito, ergo sum" - "I think, therefore I am".

I joined Spartan Support Network because I struggle with mental health issues and wanted to talk about it with likeminded college students.

Mariam Shimo (she/her)

Year: Junior

Major: Human Biology and Psychology 

Hometown: Macomb County, MI

Fun Fact About Me: I use to be a gymnast

Favorite Quote: "Stop seeking approval for what you have build from those who did not help you build it”

I joined Spartan Support because for a long time I ignored signs that I was mentally struggling. Being in a place that I am in now, it’s important to bring awareness to mental health and people who struggle with things they do not talk about.