Faculty Advisor

Justin St. Charles, LMSW (he/him/his; they/them/theirs)

Hometown: Whitemore Lake, MI

Favorite Quote: Clarity build confidence. – DeAndre Carter, former MSU advisor and motivational speaker.

I am the Academic Advising Director for the Brody Neighborhood within the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative (NSSC). I oversee the advising services of the Brody Neighborhood Engagement Center and work with partners across the University to support undergraduate students. The population I work with specifically is Michigan State University’s Exploratory Preference and exploring students.  I serve as the Assistant Dean designee for administrative functions for our Exploratory Preference students which includes readmissions, reinstatements, medical withdrawals, grief absences, late drops, and more.

I believe that SSN is a benefit to students because there is a special bond that exists for those who are considered peers. Empathy is probably one of the most powerful tools to support one another and having shared identities (including being MSU students) helps others feel that they are not alone.

2019-2020 Director Board

Executive Director - Nicole Souphis

My name is Nicole Souphis, I am a Senior double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. I serve as the Executive Director of Spartan Support Network, meaning I am responsible for setting and monitoring the goals of SSN. I work with all of the other Directors to make sure SSN is succeeding. I joined Spartan Support Network because I saw inclusion, dedication, and a social network. SSN is a great escape from college and truly has some of the most wonderful people involved in this organization. I am so blessed to be a part of an network so impactful on campus! A fun fact about myself is that I can do the worm and love to show off my dance moves at meetings.

Director of Leader Development - Gabby Cushman

My name is Gabby Cushman, I am a junior majoring in professional writing and I am the director of leader development. In my role I help train our organizations' support group leaders. I develop presentations about various mental health topics and present them during our weekly leader meetings. I also oversee our leaders to make sure groups stay running smoothly! I joined Spartan Support Network because I have a passion for mental health and helping others. I know the importance of having a support network during college, and I want to make sure every student has that opportunity. A fun fact about me is that I own a bearded dragon named after the Pokemon Dratini!

Director of Operations - Grace Tolen

My name is Grace Tolen and I am a senior majoring in Human Resource Management. I currently am the director of operations which means that I do a lot of the behind the scenes work making sure that we as an organization are organized and functioning. I joined Spartan Support Network back in my sophomore year when I had gone through a rough time battling my own mental health. I made a vow that I would help students who may be going through similar mental health struggles and SSN gave me that opportunity to interact with my peers and have that open discussion about mental health in a safe and inclusive environment. A fun fact about me is that I am the only redhead in my family and  but my dog has the same color hair so I guess you could say I look like my dog.

Director of Marketing - Eli Weil 

 My name is Eli Weil and I am a senior majoring in Media and Information and I serve as the Director of Marketing.  As the Director of Marketing, I run the social media accounts, plan fun events for the wonderful people of SSN and promote this amazing organization as much as I can. I strive to tell the world how great Spartan Support Network is and make sure as many people know that we are a resource at MSU as possible. I joined SSN because one of my best friends told me how much positive impact it had on them and it's a wonderful place to help others and yourself. That's all I really needed to hear and I have been loving every moment of it since I have joined!! Fun fact about me, I genuinely loved getting rained on.  I literally smile and I can't help it, it just feels good. #ilovewetsocks

Director of Business Development - Dalia Rubenstein 

My name is Dalia Rubenstein and I am a senior psychology major with a double minor in human behavior and social services and Jewish studies. I serve as the director of business development. I plan our fundraisers, manage our bank accounts/ handle our money, track our spending activities and maintain a comprehensive budget. I originally joined SSN because I wanted to help make a difference on campus. I stayed in SSN because I fell in love with the network and everyone involved. I've learned a lot about myself through SSN and life in general. Fun fact about me, I went to the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.