2020-2021 Director Board

Gabby Cushman

Executive Director

I am a senior majoring in Professional Writing.  As Executive Director, I essentially delegate tasks to the rest of the director team to keep our organization running smoothly! It's my job to stay on top of everything that's going on within Spartan Support Network so all of our members, leaders, and directors have great experiences as a part of our organization.  As someone who personally deals with an anxiety disorder, I thought I could use my experiences with mental illness to help other MSU students going through the same thing. Now, I'm grateful for the many supportive and amazing friends I made throughout my time in SSN.

Sarah Gesik

Director of Leader Development

I’m a senior and psychology major who cares a lot about student wellness.  As Director of Leader Development, I oversee the leaders, help educate them on various student wellness topics, and make sure groups are running smoothly.  I want to help others using my personal experience with mental health and illness, and decrease the stigma around mental health. I also love baking, playing the trumpet, and Animal Crossing!

Christian DeMoss

Director of Operations

I am a junior majoring in Political Science. As the Director of Operations, I do a lot of the behind the scenes work such as sending out emails and managing the website. I joined Spartan Support Network my freshman year because a group trying to promote mental health and people connecting to each other appealed to me.  SSN was everything I hoped for and I stayed, becoming a leader and then a director to help out the organization!  Outside of SSN I enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons and painting miniatures.

Faye Kollig

Director of Marketing

I'm a senior majoring in Media and Information and minoring in Spanish. I am the Director of Marketing for SSN, which means I handle our promotional materials and social media. I joined SSN as a freshman, and I was a member and a leader before becoming director. Throughout my time here, I've learned so much about kindness, compassion, leadership, and community from my fellow members, leaders, and directors, and I'm thrilled to be using the creative skills I've learned in my major to help boost an organization I believe in. SSN has helped support me and keep me sane during some of the most challenging years of my life, and I want to help do that for other students. When I'm not working on school, SSN or research, I love to draw, thrift clothes, watch niche competitive reality shows on Hulu, and obsess over fancy coffee.

Mithil Gudi

Director of Business Development

I am a senior at MSU this fall getting my bachelor's in Neuroscience and a minor in Sociology. I have been in SSN for about a year now and was a leader last semester. My director position is the Director of Business Development! I get the privilege of handling the funds and costs for our organization and get to work with the other directors in planning events and fundraisers. I joined SSN to meet a different crowd of people at MSU and to be a part of promoting the mental health of our students!

Jade Moros

Director of Programming

I am senior double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science. As the Director of Programming I plan Kick-back Friday events and assist in tabling events/ fundraisers. I have always had a passion for helping others. I thought of no better way of getting more involved at Michigan State than joining Spartan Support Network. As a previous member, leader and now director I am beyond excited for this opportunity to further build and engage with this organization.

Faculty Advisor

Justin St Charles, LMSW

Marketing Executive

I am the Academic Advising Director for the Brody Neighborhood within the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative (NSSC). I oversee the advising services of the Brody Neighborhood Engagement Center and work with partners across the University to support undergraduate students. The population I work with specifically is Michigan State University’s Exploratory Preference and exploring students.  I serve as the Assistant Dean designee for administrative functions for our Exploratory Preference students which includes readmissions, reinstatements, medical withdrawals, grief absences, late drops, and more.

​I believe that SSN is a benefit to students because there is a special bond that exists for those who are considered peers. Empathy is probably one of the most powerful tools to support one another and having shared identities (including being MSU students) helps others feel that they are not alone.